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The Startup Ecosystem of Zagreb is ranked at number 194 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -16 spots since 2021. Zagreb also ranks at number 1 in Croatia, and 15 in Eastern Europe.

Zagreb is an ideal place to locate for Software and Data, Social & Leisure and Fintech startups. As the most popular industries in Zagreb, there is a sample of 31 Software and Data startups in Zagreb, 15 Social & Leisure startups in Zagreb, and 8 Fintech startups in Zagreb, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 81 startups in Zagreb, no accelerators in Zagreb, 7 coworking spaces in Zagreb, 2 organizations in Zagreb and no leaders in Zagreb.

Startups in Zagreb

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OptimoRoute is an online route and schedule planner for delivery route planning and field service scheduling. Using OptimoRoute companies can automate efficiency for their entire fleet. It will suggest which driver or technician should serve which orders on the basis of the road network and all logistical constraints. OptimoRoute will suggest the optimal multi-stop route in order to save time and fuel. Real travel times and distances are used, so the generated schedules are accurate and provide real savings. The smartest stop sequence minimises the driving distances and time-based costs while meeting all customer’s expectations and logistic constraints.  Read more
Agrivi is intelligent cloud farm management software that helps farmers to take control over their production, improve yield and increase profit. Read more
MIRET produces sustainable footwear by combining the strongest natural fiber. Read more
A full service digital agency with a passion for performance marketing and solutions that inspire curiosity. Read more
Amodo developed IoT platforms for making data reports about kilometres travelled and average, maximum and minimum speeds, through customer engagement system and analytics technology combined. Read more
LittleDot is a SaaS virtual care platform that brings advanced technology to help patients navigate and interact with their healthcare. Read more
Oradian provides a unique enterprise solution to financial institutions across South East Asia and Africa. Read more
REDAI offers shelf audit software that is both automated and real-time, as well as big data analytics. Read more
Bulb Technologies provides solutions for telecom service management and customer support automation. Read more
Sentinel helps boat owners connect and interact with their boats the same way they do with their connected cars. Read more
Universal solutions that improve and inspire literacy for struggling readers Read more
We are an AI-driven and blockchain related one-stop-shop for sports cards collectors and investors. Read more
AMPnet provides every new or existing energy community with a full set of tools to manage payments, invoicing, , smart metering, demand side management, crowdinvesting and community governance. Read more
Meloot is a video based e-commerce marketplace Read more
A full digital entertainment platform, where Arab audience can watch, listen, read, and play at the lowest subscription plan. Read more is the fully automated European P2P platform based on a 'peer-to-portfolio' model Read more
PhotoPay SDK is widely used in mobile banking apps for payments because it enables fast data input and significantly improves mobile banking usability. Simply position a mobile camera on a slip and data is ready in a few seconds. Read more
TalentLyft is Talent acquisition software. Read more
The Basic Attention Token (BAT) was developed to address this. BAT, an ERC20 token built on top of Ethereum, will be the token of utility in a new, decentralized, open source and efficient blockchain-based digital marketing. Read more
My e-invoice service allows you to send eRacing safely and quickly. Read more
Mediatoolkit is a social analytics tool that helps users find the most shared content on any website and keep track with real time content sharing. The popularity of content is calculated based on shares on social networks giving our users real time statistics and the news that people are talking about with their friends at the moment. Read more
Rimac Automobili produces the world's fastest and most exciting electric vehicles. We are a technology company so we not only produce vehicles, but the technology under the skin as well. Our powertrain systems and components (motors, battery-packs, motor-controllers...) deliver the highest power and efficiency to weight ratio on the market. Our technology is already applied on a wide range of products - from bicycles to maglev trains. Read more
Once is a professional football statistics application for football managers, scouts, players, TV and news media and football fans. All games are analyzed manually second by second with the first software. It takes up to 7 hours for each game to be analyzed. Once we have all data we can make millions of different reports and to have an easy access to them we made the second application. The second application is an iPad and iPhone application where thousand of reports are very easy accessible. Read more
Beyond Seen Screen has developed ExRay platform that enables interactivity with video content, viewers will be interactively engaged with adverts and other video content. Read more
trendMe web site represents a fashion social network and fashion social game that connects people around the world through fashion, entertainment, creativity and shopping. trendMe invites users to search the web for clothing and other elements they like and cut and paste them into a fashion collage or 'Set' on the trendMe site. While creating a fashion or art sets and for each action users are earning points (playing fashion game) which helps them to achieve higher trendMe and fashion rank. Read more
You are facing challenges. We are looking for them. We are passionate about your success, about helping you design and deliver the best possible experiences and services. Websites, mobile applications, content, usability testing… We are here to realise your vision. You have an idea: we’ll bring it to life. Together, we’ll build great experiences and delight your users. And, of course, make sure you see the results of your efforts in your business’s bottom line.  Read more
Leading daily deal aggregator in SE Europe led by experienced team, working on a large, competitive and highly developed daily deal market of Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and currently expanding further in the region. Read more
SGS provides clients with the unique ability to create their remote-working teams and departments. DaaS - the Future of Employment. Read more
You stare at your screen a lot. Make it worth it. Get Splashy and enjoy Auto-changing automatically Award-winning sources Great UI It works on all platforms and devices! Read more
Maven Mule is a boutique consultancy and Salesforce ISV partner, with experts that are playing key roles in enterprise digital transformations for more than 10 years in banking , ICT, utilities and travel industry. Read more
Startups in Central and Eastern Europe are leading a new revolution and Netokracija / Netocratic are the guides that cover them best, from liveblogging the leading startups events such as LeWeb and The Next Web as official media partners to presenting regional startups exclusively to the world. Read more
Ljiljana Nieder is a personal brand connecting people with the same interest – cooking. Verified recipes brought us printed book and e-book buyers. We are looking for a sustainable business model to direct the project in gaining value from our 180,000 unique month visitors. Read more
iService is an electronic device repairing startup Read more
We are a video game and hardware developer established in 2017 and based in Zagreb, Croatia. We develop a diverse range of products, including both games and gaming hardware. Read more
SizemApp is a smart bra size calculator derived from a new measurement technique using analytics. Sizem propels a revolution in tech based Bra Fitting. It's more accurate than current solutions available and Sizem aims to become the next Amazon for Bras, Lingerie and Bust Friendly Clothing and Google Analytics for the Lingerie and Upper Apparel industry.  Read more
Complete Web-based content system for traditional paper publishers, offering drastically reduced costs and maintenance efforts. Includes articles database, media content, page planning and ads management with Adobe InDesign integration. Includes on-line page plan creation, smart content control with spellchecking, media archive, file management system for file sharing, message system and automatic connection to Web content. Read more
DIFX is a fully insured cross-asset trading centralized crypto platform that lets users trade between multiple asset that include indices, forex, crypto, metals, commodities etc. Our fully insured crypto wallet comes from our partnership with Fireblocks, which is one of the leading crypto custodians in the world along with nomination program. Read more
MyValet is an end to end digitalization of parking management activities, with an initial focus on Valet parking. Read more
Foodin is a grocery delivery company that takes planning out of the equation, so people can cook food without spending a lot of money. Read more
Arming Guild is a sports ware manufacturer of gear for historical fencing. Read more
Albatross is an electric-powered inflatable board that can be used for Stand-Up Paddling. Read more
Aspida, the Croatian new digital media company Read more
A startup for game development Read more
PISMO GAMES was founded in 2019, our mission is to make fantastic 3D, 2D, AR and VR games based on new technology, great ideas, and client/users wishes. We strongly believe that the future of gaming and entertainment will have many areas for user input.  Read more
Hiroma Design is a small startup company focused on AR/VR applications and PC/Android/iOS games. Read more
Augmented Reality mass deployment platform Read more
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