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The Argentina Startup Ecosystem is a regional Leader in innovation, ranked at number 37 globally, and shows a positive momentum 2 spots since 2021. Argentina also ranks at number 3 for startups in South America.

There are 5 cities ranked in the top 1,000 in Argentina and the top ranked city in Argentina is Buenos Aires at 56 globally. Buenos Aires is followed by Cordoba at 248 and Mendoza at 677.

Argentina is an ideal place to locate for Education, Energy & Environment and Foodtech startups. As the most popular industries in the country, there is a sample of 120 Education startups in Argentina, 68 Energy & Environment startups in Argentina and 63 Foodtech startups in Argentina, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is a sample of 498 startups in Argentina, 8 accelerators in Argentina, 20 coworking spaces in Argentina, 18 organizations in Argentina and 1 leaders in Argentina.

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495 startups in representative sample
Ualá is a personal financial management mobile app developed in Argentina that allows users to conduct financial transactions Read more
Jampp is a great way to advertise and get quality installs for your mobile apps. The main advantages? * You only pay per actual installs. * We track installs and in-app events post install for deeper optimization. * We are integrated with all major tracking partners (including Mobile App Tracking, Ad-x and others). * Our service is managed, we create, run and optimise all campaigns across all suppliers for you. * Programmatic access to +100 mobile ad networks, RTB Exchanges and large publishers  Read more
Workana is a marketplace for remote and freelance employment targeting Latin America. We help businesses find & manage the best remote talents for their projects, while also helping workers get projects according to their preferences, skills and price level. Workana is free to join, free to post, with open bidding. Clients only pay when an agreement is reached. Read more
Digital House is a coding school where new generations of coders and digital professionals are trained. Read more
We store, package and deliver your products simply and quickly at the lowest cost. We allow E-Commerce to deliver in less than 24 hours, at a cost 35% cheaper than postal services. We propose that using our services be an unforgettable experience. Read more
Our goal is to transform cleaning and hygiene habits, taking care of the Environment and Health. We offer an effective, natural and ecofriendly cleaning product. Read more
Henry trains software developers for free and helps them find a job in exchange for a share of their future income. Read more
Pomelo provides fintech infrastructure and financial services. Read more
Turismocity is the largest travel search engine for Latin America. Read more
Moova is a technological platform that captures idle logistic capacity and transforms it into high efficiency and low cost shipping solutions. Read more
GOintegro is the Employee Experience platform in Latin America with product to empower Employee Communication, Recognition and Benefits. Read more
Afluenta is the first and only Marketplace Lending company for consumer and SME loans operating in more than one country in Latin America. Read more
Buenbit is a Cryptocurrency Exchange and Cross-Border payment platform. Read more
Logan is a mobile media hub where advertisers are able to find tools and services to develop mobile advertising strategies. Read more
Emilabs is an AI-powered virtual HR assistant. It leverages AI to shorten hiring cycles, to make the process more efficient and to increase recruiter productivity while giving the candidate a better experience, improving the company’s brand as an employer. Read more
Soicos is the first affiliate network born in Argentina with offices in Chile, Mexico & Colombia. Our vision is to become a benchmark in affiliate marketing. Guide advertisers on their introduction into this industry and offering our affiliates profitable offers to work with. This integration of advertisers and affiliates is achieved on a technological self-developed interface which gives high valued control and optimization to all parts of the business. Read more
Agrofy offers farmers access to a wide range of providers that enhance purchase options, offer latest technology and better prices. It also provides more alternatives to crop sales and generate a market for second hand assets. Read more is a real estate market place for Latam that provides insightful data to help users take better decisions. Read more
Affordable and inclusive helathcare for everyone Read more
Sirena is a business solution platform that allow every department of businesses to have a unique WhatsApp line to centralize communications and track their interactions with the company. Read more
InvoiNet operates an online platform that connects financial suppliers and customers. Read more
We democratize high-quality healthcare with our pay-per-use platform Read more
Business Summary: Small businesses are increasing their presence online where millions of people surf for local information. GuiaLocal is the smartest way to join this trend because it knows how important it is for consumers to find relevant data, recognizing that what is searched and consumed more frequently is the "local information". Services: Relevant online information for consumers and a valuable marketing tool for stores and service suppliers.  Read more
Increase is a world class FinTech company that empowers businesses with a wide group of solutions. Read more
Acamica is a global online learning platform that provides alternative education opportunities for top talent who are not satisfied with or cannot access formal education programs, with the aim of addressing the job skills gap in technology and the worrying youth unemployment rates worldwide. We offer 100% online, on-demand and asynchronous programs so our students can go from knowing nothing to being employable in just a few months' time. For this we have a proprietary formula that optimizes the learning experience in technology by leveraging a dynamic combo of videos, interactive quizzes, exams, coding activities, games, projects and gamification features, all in a social environment. Acamica makes learning technology accessible, social and engaging, through a learn-by-doing methodology, collaborating with others and focused on the real needs of the industry. Read more
WinClap rewards virtual achievements in 180 million Latam smartphones. Developers monetize and engage their users. Brands reach their clients at their happiest moments. Happy users.  Read more
BigData and Business Intelligence vendors for MercadoLibre. Read more
Big Data tool for irrigation management. Read more
GearTranslations is an online platform based on crowdsourcing that delivers real-time human translation in all languages. Our customers are both corporations and individuals. You can upload text or audio and get a human translating it for you in an instant. It delivers the speed of an automatic translator with the quality only a human being can deliver. Read more
Postcron helps companies to optimize their posts on Facebook and Twitter with an easy to use and easy to learn interface with the ultimate goal of building strong lasting relationships with their customers. Read more
MásDelivery is a provider of an online ordering system for restaurants. Read more
Mobility as a Service (MaaS) provider and public transit assistant Read more
Colppy is an online accounting solution customized for small businesses to get owners organized and to successfully manage their business from anywhere. Any time.  Read more
With nubity you can centralize, monitor and mange your private and public clouds. You can delegate your clouds management and support on the nubity support team, and pay for ondemmands tickets (ondemmand support) You can use the nubity public clouds to start your projects in two geagraphical zones (Argentina and USA, MX soon) Read more
Settle Network is the largest digital assets settlement network across LATAM for exchange and cross-border payments. Read more
We provide a multi-device and powerful social-Learning platform. A complete and intuitive LMS and an online event platform - 100% in the cloud, with no downloads or installations. In fact, we provide the technological solution for: - A unique online learning experience: Micro video-tutorials and interactive html5 quizzes and exercises, complemented with pre-scheduled Classes & Lectures Live in HD, and Gamification & collaborative tools. - A Social Network for Education with user profiles, academic background and career plans. - An online course marketplace (Similar to but for institutions). - A course rental platform: customers, suppliers and employees are trained by quality rented content from Wisboos’ channels. Target customers B2B & B2B2C: -Educational institutions promoting & distributing their quality content. -Chambers and associations distributing their own content. -Companies renting content for internal distribution. Read more
Maixon is a easiest and most complete Real Estate CRM in the market. Read more
Iamat develops and provides tailored mobile applications and cloud-based technologies to content owners. Read more
TradeStars is a Fantasy Sports Game where users can trade digital assets that represent athletes’ real-life performances. Read more
Subscription billing and revenue management platform for companies scaling in Latin America. Read more
Democratizing Mental Health at work. Yerbo builds tech solutions that improve well-being and prevent burnout. Read more
GoSchool is a school management system that allows tracking of students on issues such as assists, penalties, assessments, etc. Read more
WoowUp is a tool of CRM and predictive marketing so that retail stores can do database intelligence. Read more
Renova Tu Vestidor is a social marketplace that connects women to share, buy, and sell those clothes they no longer wear. Read more
Papumba is an educational app and website developer which creates educational games for children. Read more
Producteca is a SaaS company that gives companies the ability to manage their online sales across different marketplaces. Read more
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