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Fiverr® is the world's largest marketplace for services starting at $5. A service offered on Fiverr is called a Gig®. Gigs on Fiverr are offered for a fixed, base price of $5 (also referred to as one Fiverr). Whenever you see 'I will _for $5", it means the seller is offering a Gig for the fixed price of $5. Signing up to Fiverr is free and can be done here. Only registered users may buy and sell on Fiverr. After successfully signing up, you’ll want to check your registration email for the activation link provided in a welcome email. If you created an account some time ago, the link may not work. You can request a new link while you’re logged in to your account, even if it's not activated yet, or ask Customer Support for assistance. Read more
The world’s largest and most trusted content discovery platform. Read more
We strive to enhance decision making in the online world. We measure every website and mobile app, and work relentlessly to become the world standard for digital measurement. We reveal the complete picture and provide insights which marketers, analysts, and industry leaders can rely on in their day-to-day work. Read more
StreamElements provides live video content creators the tools they need to engage, grow and monetize their audience. Read more
EX.CO Channels is a video unit for publishers that serves as a second screen experience on every page of the publisher’s website, featuring custom created or dynamically generated content. Read more
Access a holistic platform that gives your team all of the needed tools to create rewarding events, while surfacing insights to help your events grow in ways you never thought were possible. Read more
SkyGiraffe extends enterprise data directly to mobile devices. Provide your workforce with customized job-specific apps that can read and write-back live data to your systems. What if you could create an enterprise-grade mobile app in 1 day? SkyGiraffe has a powerful set of features to make this happen. Feature highlights include: -Immediate deployment with no coding necessary -Enterprise-grade security -Cross platform native apps for iOS and Android -Saas maintenance free cloud -Integration with major back-end systems & databases We are in Private Beta and already empowering enterprises. Read more
Altibbi is the Largest Digital Health platform in the Arab World, including 1.5M pages of medical content and a 24/7 telehealth service. Read more
Elementor is an open-source website builder platform for professionals on Wordpress; Offered as a free and a premium edition. Read more
Guardio is developing tools and products to combat modern web and cloud-based threats for consumers and businesses. Read more
TipRanks is a financial accountability platform that ranks financial advice to assess its accuracy. Read more
BAE Systems Rokar International Ltd is BAE's Israeli subsidiary and specializes in the development, production, maintenance, and technical support of electronic counter-measure dispensing systems, GPS navigation guidance systems, and precision guidance systems. Read more
Connecteam is a multi-functional and unique workforce management mobile solution for companies that manage on-the-go teams. Read more
Totango is the leader in customer success management. The company helps SaaS and subscription businesses take a data-driven approach to reducing churn, driving customer adoption and advocacy, and maximizing lifetime revenue. Read more is a cloud observability platform providing Log Management built on ELK, Infrastructure Monitoring based on Grafana, and an ELK-based Cloud SIEM. Read more
BioCatch is a cybersecurity company that delivers behavioral biometrics, analyzing human-device interactions to protect users and data. Read more
Atera is an IT automation software that provides remote access, billing, reporting, and automation services. Read more
STARZ PLAY offers films, Hollywood series, and documentaries for children in conjunction with the U.S., as well as Arabic content. Read more
Developing the Full Proof Stack for the STARK zero-knowledge protocol Read more
AnyClip licenses movies from Hollywood studios such as Universal Pictures, Warner Brothers, and more, and then applies a detailed data map onto the video. The data map is comprised of thousands of time and space sensitive in-video data points. These data points, together with Anyclip's system, power video search, recommendation, instant clipping, and multiplatform interactive video applications. Read more
Phygicart is a E Commerce Shopping Site. Read more
Guesty also known as SuperHost. Guesty is a property management service for Airbnb hosts. The company started in December 2013 by brothers Amiad and Koby Soto, both of whom had listed their own properties on Airbnb before, and knew of the challenges that involved first-hand. Read more
First licensed fintech company in Kingdom by SAMA, the largest digital wallet in the MEMA, and the first Saudi fintech unicorn startup Read more
vCita is a new way to interact with website visitors, acquire clients and provide services online. vCita encourages online audience to approach website owners, ask for advice and schedule time to talk over video or phone. Read more
Bookaway is a ground travel booking platform, enabling travellers to book buses, ferries and trains worldwide. Read more
Hometalk is a DIY home and garden community where homeowners, bloggers, and professionals can share their DIY projects, ask questions, and become inspired. Read more
Pixellot is an affordable alternative to the traditional outside broadcast video capture and production system. Read more
tabby is a ''Buy Now, Pay Later'' payments company, allowing consumers to shop and pay in 4 installments at no cost. Read more is an in-game advertising platform that brings real-world brand ads to video gaming and esports. Read more
Know your data- Get unmatched data intelligence for Privacy, Protection, and Perspective. Discover and manage personal and sensitive data across the entire data ecosystem – and take action for privacy, protection, and perspective. Read more
Vezeeta is a digital healthcare booking platform and practice management software. Read more
The Zero Trust Network as a Service. Simplify secure access to your local networks, cloud infrastructures and business applications, with one unified platform. Read more
Foodics is an all-in-one restaurant management system for iPads that is designed to increase revenues and help track business activities. Read more
Nexar makes dash cameras smart by pairing them with the Nexar app to connect drivers to the world’s first cellular based, real-time, vehicle-to-vehicle network. Read more is an audio-video recording platform for broadcast media and podcasts. Read more
Datorama is a software-­as-a-­service platform for advertisers and ad agencies that integrates and tracks data from a variety of advertising channels in order to provide predictive analytics. Read more
A leading AI-driven video enhancement solution, offering a comprehensive set of tools that empower content creators and publishers. Read more
SHOW YOUR STORY- SEAMLESSLY BLEND VISUAL STORIES INTO YOUR CONTENT TO MAKE IT COME ALIVE- Apester is a plug-and-play platform for the creation and distribution of mobile-friendly interactive content, engaging your users in the narratives they read. Read more
Lightico is the ultimate customer experience platform. Enabling your customers e- Signatures, eForms, workflows, ID & Verification from mobile phones & more. Read more
Tamara provides a Buy Now Pay Later solution for customers to pay with no fees with the ability to pay in 30 days or in 3 instalments. Read more
iMile is a well-known Logistics and Courier services provider across the Middle East. Read more
Wibbitz is an automated video creation company that empowers any team to produce professional short form videos for social media, news & entertainment coverage, marketing, communications, recruitment, events and more. Read more
TechSee builds smart visual platforms that enable service providers to interact with the customer via a live virtual channel. Read more
Lightrun is a startup that makes it easier for developers to debug their production code. Read more
Jahez is a food delivery platform that unites stakeholders from restaurants, logistic fleet, meal orders into the Jahez Mobile Application. Read more
Hola is a peer to peer network that provides everyone on the planet with freedom to access all of the Web. Read more
WebTeb publishes exclusive and high-quality evidence-based medical information and continuously update it. The company is managed by a professional team that includes doctors. Read more
GuruShots is a platform that gamifies photo taking Read more
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