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AB Tasty is an easy to use SAAS application that enables e-marketers to optimize their website and conversion rate without technical knowledges by running A/B tests and personalising their customer experience. Thanks to a WYSIWYG editor, they can easily create several versions of their pages and test them in real-life to identify which one has the biggest impact on their business goals (user engagement metrics, average order value, conversion rate...). Our solution helps to meet the need for a high degree of autonomy and agility in an increasingly technical and dynamic sector, where decisions must be backed up by data. It also helps in achieving profitability objectives: traffic generation is not enough, conversion is what really matters. AB Tasty is intended for e-commerce, services and media websites. Created 3 years ago by Liwio, a French web analytics consulting agency, AB Tasty has already convinced many companies such as Photobox, Bouygues Telecom, Axa, Microsoft...
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