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Energy & Environment
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#142 worldwide
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Marketing & Sales
#160 worldwide

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startup iconBillGO
startup iconTurboTenant
startup iconMadwire

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The Startup Ecosystem of Fort Collins is ranked at number 245 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -27 spots since 2021. Fort Collins also ranks at number 71 in United States, and 83 in North America.

Fort Collins is an ideal place to locate for Energy & Environment, Foodtech and Marketing & Sales startups. As the most popular industries in Fort Collins, there is a sample of 8 Energy & Environment startups in Fort Collins, 6 Foodtech startups in Fort Collins, and 5 Marketing & Sales startups in Fort Collins, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 33 startups in Fort Collins, no accelerators in Fort Collins, no coworking spaces in Fort Collins, no organizations in Fort Collins and no leaders in Fort Collins.

Startups in Fort Collins

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Our mission is to relentlessly advance payment systems to accelerate speed, efficiency and security for all! Read more
TurboTenant is a landlord and tenant software for online vacancy marketing, tenant screening, online rent payments, and rental applications. Read more
Madwire provides digital marketing software, a powerfully CRM, and highly skilled professional marketing services. Read more
Secure64 is a software developer providing secure, self-protecting, carrier grade DNS software & DNS security and analytics services Read more
Community Funded provides online fundraising solutions for enterprise and non-profit organizations. Read more
Growcentia increases crop yields and increases nutrient use efficiency with advanced microbial probiotics. Read more
KLOwen Braces offers braces system to use prefabricated, modular brackets to straighten teeth. Read more
jobZology has products for both businesses and individuals. For businesses our cloud based software provides a unique way to measure their most important investment (their people), provide online career life planning, and disrupts the way they hire through matching existing employees or inbound applicants by FIT to Job and FIT to Culture. All of this results in a passionate, engaged, and loyal workforce - lower turnover, increased speed and quality of hire, and productivity gains. For the individual our online VIP Assessment provides self assessments in order to help them understand their key drivers to workplace happiness. Our clients use this information to select occupational paths for which they will be more fulfilled and happy. Read more
STOW IT connects individuals and companies that have extra space slike garage, barns, and land to others that need vehicle storage. Read more
Surgireal creates surgical training products to improve the confidence of patients, students, and instructors. Read more
Spring44 Distilling produces Spring44 Vodka, Honey Vodka, Gin, Old Tom Gin, and Single Barrel Bourbon. Read more
Newaya buys used cellphones from companies through their wireless carrier sales rep. We help small carriers create trade-in programs, and buy the phones that the programs generate. In our office we recondition phones for resale around the world. Read more
AllProWebTools is an all-in-one small business ERP software solution. We provide software that helps small businesses with their eCommerce, email marketing, timecards, workflow timeline, website, inventory management, coupon codes, CRM, and much much more. Read more
Digital twin SaaS solution designed for managing raw material sourcing in complex, highly distributed manufacturing environments. Read more
Local Food Aggregation and Distribution LoCo's primary objective is to make it easy and convenient to eat locally by delivering locally produced food to maistream marketplaces including restaurants, grocers and institiutions, through a competitive, sustainable, all-local wholesale distribution system.  Read more
Red Rock Biofuels (RRB) will produce high value, ultra-low carbon renewable jet & diesel fuels from low cost forest residues. Major airlines, logistics firms and the U.S. Military want low carbon, renewable fuels to solve their climate change, price volatility and energy security problems. Also, by using forest residues RRB will help reduce the risk of destructive wildfires in the Western U.S. We started RRB to supply renewable fuels into the $250 billion U.S. market for jet and diesel fuels. The U.S. Dept. of Defense (DOD), Oregon Dept. of Energy, and major fuel customers have all recognized our winning team and business. The DOD is investing $4.1M in the current round. A major U.S. airline and a major U.S. logistics firm will buy all of RRB’s jet fuel. Our experienced management team has built over $650 million of renewable fuels production facilities. RRB’s parent, IR1 Group, runs a successful renewable fuels advisory business and has invested $2.5 million in RRB. Read more
King of the Mountain, Inc. began in 1981 with a outerwear line made of high tech natural fiber fabric that is radiant. In 2009 we filed a patent for the first of its kind FIRE RETARDANT, BALLISTIC, RADIANT natural fiber. It protects the wearer in high-risk, physical, cold weather environments in 5 new market segments; Recreation, Utility, Electrical, Oil and Gas, Military/Police.  Read more
We help legacy brands and businesses move into the digital world. We're a marketing firm. But we're also more than that. If you're just looking for someone to manage your Facebook page, we're not the company for you. On the other hand, if you're looking for a business partner to help you make the transition from interruption to permission marketing, we'd love to help. Read more
MyoCardioCare is a patient-centric innovative medical device company. Read more
VetDC is a cancer-focused veterinary biopharmaceutical company developing anticancer therapies for animals. Read more
Aqueous plasma solutions for water treatment and life science. Read more
New West Genetics combines traditional breeding, modern genomics, and agronomic expertise to create premium, proprietary hemp seed genetics. Read more
MPT is a research and development company that specializes in improving aspects of the reproductive industry. Read more
Green Sun Medical is a therapeutic devices company developing disruptive bracing technology for the treatment of Scoliosis. Read more
Prieto Battery manufactures lithium ion batteries based on tiny or nanostructured materials. Read more
Red Mountain Scientific provides the data needed to effectively manage wind turbine or cell tower assets. Read more
The Creators is growing a curated community of deep thinkers and big dreamers. Artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, inventors, and businesses small & large all have one thing in common - creative thought. A brilliant streak of creativity runs in all the great minds of our age: Einstein, Hawking, Jobs, Da Vinci, Gaga. These names are synonymous with new, unique ideas. The problem is, not everyone knows how to tap into their creative spirit, and our mission is to change that. The ability to generate fresh creative ideas is actually a skill, which can be learned and cultivated. Our growing community is provided with the resources to do just that: Private and group imagination sessions Immersion in creative inspiration, new technology, and business strategy Incubation help - relax, reflect and disengage subconscious so ideas can flow Business planning Quick-start coaching AI powered motivational assistant Read more
We currently sell different models and accessory products to the Flipper, which is a functional training tool used to develop strength and power in athletes. We have sold to the NFL, MLB, Div. I colleges, training centers, high schools, law enforcement and the military. We are looking to expand to the club market where functional training rooms, Crossfit and boot camps are the latest craze. Read more
Mixcademy is a full-featured online course designed to help train and educate beginner and intermediate audio engineers. Using video, images, diagrams, and text we provide in-depth training of key audio production concepts. We offer both individual and organizational memberships. Our program is perfect for training staff and volunteers at conference centers, universities, houses of worship, and any venue that requires knowledge of live audio systems. Read more
The Ridekick Trailer has an electric motor and battery inside. It clicks to a bike in seconds, propels you up to 19 mph for ~12 miles, and has room to carry 2 sacks of groceries. Riders feel the FUN in seconds. At ½ the price of an e-bike, the value is high. We’ve created market disruption. About 40% of the trips we take are under 2 miles from home. We allow people to bike ride without sweat, or up the hill with ease, and provide space for cargo. Leave the car in the garage and 'Kick with us! Read more
Elystic is a 'responsive' web design agency that provides insightful data analytics and other mobile-optimized solutions for fast-paced businesses. Read more
Our Mission and Vision InnovatioNews is focused on news and stories about innovation in Colorado. We’re creating an interactive community that connects companies and people through information, events and social conversation. New stories are published daily on our website We distribute our content through opt-in newsletters, social media and partner distribution channels. Our purpose is to promote economic growth and vitality by telling stories of Colorado innovation.  Read more
In today’s highly competitive technology-based economy, communicating your value proposition to the masses and getting to the sale requires the effective use of communication channels. Brand.gineering combines the best techniques used in marketing, advertising, film production, linguistics, technology, neural pattern setting and a host of other disciplines to create or nurture a brand to be wildly successful with speed and agility never seen, to date, with a business model that minimizes risk. Brand.gineering is using the best selling book by founder Carl Hartman to attract interest and gain traction with major brands, once only open to using large, cumbersome ad agencies for marketing. Our technology, once only used to gain traction for major media companies, is applied to social marketing systems and creates rich content channels that attract buyers and consumers to a brand.  Read more
Czero takes our clients rough idea, or identified need, and quickly and cost effectively turns it into a robust prototype that can be used to reliably demonstrate their concept with a design that can be easily extended to high volume production. While a lot of companies can provide that service for products and concepts that are well developed and understood, our strength lies in the ability to do that with new concepts that have not yet been done before and need R&D along the way.  Read more
MyD8 is a mobile, SMS-based singles social network which connects singles across the country through chats, contests, and online interactive environments. With over 50,000 users and hundreds more signing up daily MyD8 is growing quickly. With a "freemium" business model MyD8 users can choose between a limited free membership or a complete membership for $8.99/mo. MyD8 is fundraising to expand its marketing scope, add new features, and go cross-platform with web, smartphone, and Facebook apps. Read more
Huntography is a grassroots hunting movement. We film, blog & socialize the authentic stories & experiences of America’s hunters. Through first person storytelling & documentary filmmaking, we are showing what really happens in the outdoors. It’s a type of reality journalism that has been missing from outdoor television, videos and blogs. We use social media & mobile technology to help like-minded hunters better connect with each other across the country in real time, from online to offline. Read more
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