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startup iconZero Motorcycles
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The Startup Ecosystem of Santa Cruz is ranked at number 113 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -4 spots since 2021. Santa Cruz also ranks at number 39 in United States, and 45 in North America.

Santa Cruz is an ideal place to locate for Social & Leisure, Education and Health startups. As the most popular industries in Santa Cruz, there is a sample of 8 Social & Leisure startups in Santa Cruz, 7 Education startups in Santa Cruz, and 4 Health startups in Santa Cruz, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 8 startups in Santa Cruz, no accelerators in Santa Cruz, 1 coworking spaces in Santa Cruz, no organizations in Santa Cruz and no leaders in Santa Cruz.

Startups in Santa Cruz

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Looker makes software that makes it easy for non-technical users to access, manipulate, export, and "look" at any size data, all within a web browser, without writing any code or SQL. Looker is taking on the enterprise software giants with a browser-based tool that customers love to use. Read more
Zero Motorcycles specializes in producing lightweight electric motorcycles. Read more
Murj is a digital health company working on a solution for cardiac care. Read more
SupplyShift is a supply chain sustainability platform that offers supply chain solutions for customers and businesses. Read more
PredPol predicts crime using cloud software technology that identifies the highest risk times and places in near real-time. Read more
Parallel Flight Technologies is developing drone technology that saves lives, property, and the environment. Read more
Nucleos produces e-learning solutions for learners involved in justice and corrections. Read more
Hara Flow creates health supplements with beneficial plant medicine. Read more
A collection of unique work+play accommodations that cater to the growing community of entrepreneurs, business travelers. Read more
Datsusara produces a high-end line of gear and apparel originally targeted at the MMA community, but now expanding to all active lifestyles from Crossfit to Yoga. Datsusara's products are hemp based which has many advantages over traditional materials. 1. Hemp is Anti-Microbial Hemp kills the growth of fungi and bacteria including Staph (Staphylococcus Aureus) which is a major concern in gyms especially. 2. Hemp is Strong Hemp is the world's strongest natural fiber. It's tensile strength is 4X that of cotton. 3. Hemp Breathes Hemp wicks moisture away from the body as it absorbs and releases perspiration quickly, thus allowing the fabric to "breathe" (keeping you well ventilated). 4. Hemp is Sustainable Hemp crops require little or no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or synthetic fertilizers. Our customer service is top notch and customer retention is excellent. We also have a strong message of independence and critical thinking that our customers resonate with strongly. Read more
SapientX makes white-label software to add voice and intelligence to technology products.  Read more
Rent the Backyard builds studio apartments in Bay Area backyards and rents them out. Read more
ThoughtFull Toys is the inventor and creator of unique toy car products. Read more
Yardarm has developed wireless firearm technology for law enforcement, private security and the military. The Yardarm Sensor gives organizations a new level of awareness about what is happening with their officers’ firearms, by connecting them in realtime through the cloud. Commanders are enabled to make informed, split second decisions about events on the ground – decisions that can save lives, help officers in the field do their jobs better, and give crime scene analysis teams necessary information after the smoke has cleared. The Sensor recognizes geo-location, movement, holstering and un-holstering, the discharge of a firearm, as well as direction of fire. These events are transmitted for visual display in real-time to Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC), and edge devices such as smartphone, allowing command to better support officers in the field. Anticipated pricing: $100 for firearm hardware and $10/month access fee to link the firearm to the cloud. Read more
Emboline is a medical device company with a game-changing device for total embolic protection during percutaneous heart valve repair. Read more
MindQube provides a user-friendly (point and click) way of creating customizable Cloud business applications where customers can use one of the templates already developed or create their own applications. The developed applications, as well as the development platform, reside in the Cloud and can be accessed from anywhere and from any device - including mobile devices. MindQube is pushing the All-in-One model; that is, for an user to have access to ALL the applications and ALL the features, for ONE price. This allows a single user to have access to all the available applications (including the ones built by the customer), all the features, and still pay the monthly fee of $45 per user.  Read more
Returnity is the pioneer and market leader in reusable shipping boxes, bags and envelopes for eCommerce and beyond Read more
Benevolently are on a mission to create more Empathy and Kindness in the world. Read more
A science based enterprise cloud SaaS solution for performance based stormwater compliance. Read more
dfusion, a team of scientists and innovators, develops technology to promote evidence-based, health-related behavioral changes. Read more is a full service artificial intelligence consultancy with expertise in deep learning strategy and development. Read more
Vega Energy Systems is a clean energy startup focused on carbon nanotube electrodes for PEM fuel cell technology and more. Read more
EDGE Mobile Payments is new Fintech company developing the EDGE Card, an all-in-one payment card with a full AMOLED touchscreen. Read more
RPRNmag newsmagazine for the entrepreneurs RPRNmag is a California-based business newsmagazine powered by a full-service communications company. We publish original and unique newsworthy stories of interest to entrepreneurs in varied digital and text formats. Our Motto is: “The newsmagazine with business solutions that matter to you” And we intend to be true to it. To discover what we have to offer: Traditional newsmagazines where the readers just read are a thing of the past. That’s where we come in. RPRNmag newsmagazine offers so much more. That is, we’ll accept news stories in various formats and forms: Video Infographics Articles Podcasts (Coming Soon!) Real, Polished, Researched News Read more
passQi provides both an intelligent password management mobile app and a complementary server-side solution called mFactor to implement a proprietary Multi Factor Authentication login for WordPress and other web sites. The app can be used as a stand alone product, or in concert with the mFactor solution. The passQi 2 app provides the highest level of security by storing information exclusively in the user’s smartphone vault, a single tool that goes everywhere. One-time keys securely encrypt relayed information via the cloud, and are never passed through the network or shared with another device. passQi 2 is designed to work seamlessly with nearly any site on the Internet and offers an optional automated TOTP support alternative to Google authenticator. Read more
The site is a social network where pet owners can share, enjoy and comment on photos of pets. In addition, we offer free through partner companies, medals for pet identification. The medals have QR Code and record the position at the time that the QR Code is scanned, informing the owner of the pet's location. Read more
CortControl is an intellectual property and medical foods research corporation. Medical foods is a recently defined formal FDA category, and is an early stage emerging market. Medical foods should not be confused with pharmaceuticals or health-food-stores nutraceuticals. Medical foods must conform to FDA requirements and perform SSA (Significant Scientific Agreement) studies to validate any claims that can be published regarding the products health benefits. Our Mission: To develop superior quality medical foods with patented compounds for the treatment of diseases associated with high levels of the hormone Cortisol. Our vision: We develop market-ready patent protected medical foods to be acquired by companies that wish to manufacture and distribute those medical foods. A market-ready package includes (1) product composition, (2) method of application, (3) intellectual property, and (4) FDA agreement that the product may be legally sold as a Medical Food.  Read more
Aspherical lenses are applied to various imaging applications in industries such as: life science, medical, defense, cameras, scopes, for a wide angle field view. Aspherical lenses replace the need for cementing two lenses together (doublets) eliminating aberration and distortion. Currently, we are focusing our aspherical lenses on customer based applications laser probes for wind measurements, diagnostic detection for glaucoma, shock wave and high pressure research, nanotechnology, deep sea exploration and astronomy. Read more
Secure, cloud-based enterprise sustainability management platform for companies with many suppliers to reduce risk and enhance sustainability in supply chains. Key benefits: System to collect supply chain sustainability information Enable buyers to flexibly analyze this information Incentivize competition among suppliers Facilitate supplier sustainability improvement through information sharing Expand buyer options for sustainable sourcing Improve data quality and reduce metric confusion Read more
Asylum Labs was created to focus on the mobile social casino market. Our lead product, Wild Party Casino is a suite of games with a unique twist. Our titles appeal to both traditional 'gambling game' players as well as a wider audience interested in something fresh and new. The company's solid mathematical foundations ensure we are poised to 'flip the switch' into real-money wagering. Read more
Sensors and software to analyze targets in liquids. Breakthrough price / performance for sensing. Sensors are tuned for each client to give optimal results. Read more
CloudPay is a Mobile Payment Network where 2% of your purchase goes to the nonprofit of your choice. CloudPay is similar to Visa but 70% less expensive (1% vs. 3%). Merchants donate 2% of the purchase to the nonprofit of the customers choice, and data show participants come back more often, and spend more per visit, increasing spending on average 25% at each location. Overall costs to merchants are similar to Visa, (3% vs. 3%). CloudPay increases revenue and profits of local merchants, increases donations for local charities, and builds a valuable social network based on where people spend their money. Also increases local tax revenue due to the local multiplier effect, and ultimately creates more local jobs. Successful pilot had 20k people signup in a town of 80k. Launching Beta in the Fall of 2014 throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Winner HUB Ventures Social Impact Competition. Investors = Village Capital, Good Capital/HUB Ventures, local Angels Read more
When browsing business profiles on Google+, Yelp, Foursquare, Wanderfly, Foodspotting or any other company that provides profiles, you see excellent written and photo reviews but no video reviews. Vevue, with its API, plans to change this. Vevue users create 31 second video reviews of their location. When browsing eBay listings you will see many listings that have 1-12+ photos with detailed descriptions. Vevue and its partnership with eBay listing App Minute List It, plan to change this. Starting September 2013 eBay sellers will be able to record 31 second video descriptions of their items. Vevue makes money through monetizing each video with ads. Soon Vevue will tether to Google Glass! Minute List It Vevue Play Store YouTube Channel Web Store  Read more
Civinomics is an online platform that allows anyone to submit, vote on and fund ideas for improving their community. The website functions as a civic portal with built in mechanisms to engage local elected officials and other community leaders, as well as allowing for organizations to manage a funding portfolio of local projects. Civinomics makes it easy for anyone to quickly learn about and contribute to the local things they care about.  Read more
We make the most sustainable task lighting available - our award-winning HeronLED Personal Task Light is the only LED desk lamp made in the USA from recycled e-waste. Furthermore, it's the first made-in-USA LED desk lamp to have earned the ENERGY STAR, having met stringent energy-saving and quality requirements. The HeronLED gets the right amount of warm white light where it's needed on the workspace. It's ideal for offices, hotels, and homes seeking energy-savings and/or LEED certification.  Read more
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